About Us

Sarah Jane, Sydney Australia

For as far as I can remember, I have always had a passion for jewelry. When I was a young kid, my grandmother would show me her favorite pieces and tell me the story behind them. She wasn’t raised in a rich family so she only had a few pieces and each one of them told its story. I was so fascinated by these jewelry pieces that I could listen to her for hours.

Fast forward a few years and my passion for jewelry grew with me. As soon as I was old enough to wear earrings I did (even though my mum didn’t necessarily approve!) and as soon as I could afford to buy my own, you bet I did too! I spent many hours outside window shops looking for the newest trends and identifying the next piece I was going to work towards.

As I developed this passion, it became natural for me to start looking at building a career in jewelry. After all, I spent a lot of time picking new pieces to wear and taking great care of the ones I owned so that I could one day tell my grandchildren about their story. I just couldn’t quite find the right idea. Creating jewels was not for me and designing them didn’t appeal to me so much. So instead I just kept on with my job and kept acquiring new jewels when I could and building my collection.

As my collection grew, I had to develop best techniques and practices to keep my jewels as beautiful and vibrant as possible. All my personal jewels were kept in the most pristine condition possible so that I could always enjoy them whenever I needed them. So much so that my friends started asking me how I managed to keep my jewelry in such a great state. So I began showing them my techniques for cleaning jewels and making sure they are always stunning.

That is when I realized that my friends started talking about my jewel cleaning techniques to their friends and soon enough, more and more people were asking me how to clean their jewels.

That is when I got the idea: I love jewels and taking care of them and people want their jewels taken care of, why not go into business for myself? So I did. That is how opened my very own jewelry cleaning service and now I take pride in what I do every day. Cleaning jewels for me is like giving them the life they deserve, so that one day, they also have a story to tell and they can inspire a young person like me.

I also believe that everyone should be proud of their jewelry, no matter how many or how few pieces they own and I want to make sure that women of all backgrounds can take advantage of my services. That is why you will find that I operate a very affordable jewelry cleaning service open to all.